BILLIONS of single use, plastic straws are used and discarded around the globe every day! Reusable straws provide a solution to this environmental problem as straw users learn the importance to refuse single use plastic and opt for sustainable straw choices. StrawSleeves provides a practical way to carry reusable straws while traveling, shopping, or eating out.















Bring Your Own

"Bring your own" reusable straw is a movement spurred by the awareness that single use plastic straws are clogging our landfills, waterways, and oceans. The plastic does not break down and creates a hazard to wildlife and our nature balance. Many restaurants are no longer serving straws as a way of correcting this environmental disaster. If you still love straws, you can simply pack a reusable straw of your choice in a clean cloth carrier such as StrawSleeves.


Straw users can choose from the many types of reusable straws on the market and now have a way to pack and carry their personal straw easily in the cloth sleeves. The sleeves are designed to keep the straw clean and protected from contact with other items in their tote-bag, glove-box, pocketbook, backpack, or picnic basket. They work well for glass straws, metal straws, bamboo straws, and silicone straws.

The triple stitched, self-lined design has an invisible“inner cuff” that keeps straws from falling out, yet provides easy access without a need for fasteners. These sleeves launder easily by machine or by hand and are proven to hold up to repeated and frequent washings.

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StrawSleeves Designs

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I'm a Product
I'm a Product

The "reuse" movement is alive and well...

Hemp and Reclaimed Fabrics 

Materials used in the making of the sleeves are sustainable, plastic free choices.  100% Hemp Fabric from Romania is offered in three colors. Hemp is a sustainable resource, not requiring pesticides, and has natural anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties that benefit food utensil storage. Triple washed reclaimed denim and denim weight fabrics are used for making the sleeves as an additional choice and are offered in earth-tone colors. All straw sleeves are self-lined, triple stitched and have an "invisible inner cuff" that prevents the straw from sliding out of the pocket, requiring no ties or fasteners, a convenient choice to transport and access your straw. The fabrics and sleeves are designed to withstand frequent laundering by hand or machine and are ideal for many types of reusable straws including stainless steel, titanium, copper, bamboo, sterling silver, and glass.

 Bring Your  Own

Learning to pack your own cups, straws, and utensils is just lake taking your own reusable bags to the store! you will quickly design your own method of packing, using, bringing in, cleaning, repacking, etc... It is a habit that will connect you with your favorite things as you easily refuse the many offers of single use items that are offered in a days time.

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