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August 4, 2019

California, the first state to ban plastic bags has pioneered some of the success, and the pitfalls, that are prevalent throughout the transition of how to carry your groceries once you have purchased them from the grocery store. Single use has posed an escalating problem of plastic waste accumulation, so a good reusable bag is a popular choice.

StrawSleeves applies the philosophy behind all of our products to grocery bags.  Nothing can be less appealing to a dedicated consumer that chooses reusables over single use product...

May 31, 2019

Choosing reusables over single use plastic is a practice that is thankfully more visible in our society in recent months and years. Almost everyone owns a favorite reusable bottle now and as reusable coffee cups, straws, and utensils are gaining in popularity, so are the cases, bags, and pouches as a means to pack and carry them.

It is important to choose wisely, just because an item is “reusable” does not mean it was built to last very long. That’s right, you coveted reusable item may end up in the landfill or our waterwa...

January 11, 2019

 photo by Tracy Wentzel

New at StrawSleeves – Organic Cotton!

The momentum to live plastic free and travel with re-usable items is on the increase, and we could not be more excited! Finding non-plastic replacements and avoiding single-use straws and utensils has not been an easy quest for those who wish to lessen their footprint on our planet. The good news?  It is getting easier!

StrawSleeves' Re-sellers are offering the purest, most earth-friendly goods for every day lifestyles. The demand is i...

August 6, 2018

National attention focuses on lawmakers and plastic straws this week as news cycled many media sources that “jail time” is included as punishment in the recent straw bans. Questioning the severity of using a plastic straw is one issue in question, as the topic of plastic pollution becomes forefront in the news, with many reactions denying that it is a problem of great concern.

No doubt, that serving jail time seems harsh when it comes to using a plastic straw. The context of the reports spurred many folks into thinking abou...

July 22, 2018

To pack and carry reusable items every day is new thought to many, even though our grandparents did not give it a second thought. Where did we go wrong, now that we realize that the convenience of single use is not so convenient after all?

Thankfully our online, internet savy culture has bought us to our senses through graphic images pouring in from all round the world showing us the consequences of a single use society, and more pointedly, to the perils of the “throw away” plastics that we mindlessly adopted as a way of li...

May 15, 2018

It's not just the straw....

The progression of news about plastic straws has spiraled to new heights in recent months.  It is not just about the turtle anymore. Concerns with ocean plastic, city litter, non recycle-ability, and even toxicity, is an alert to the masses that single use plastic straws are on the way out.  Reusable straws are now the super cool trend. The next step is to pack and carry, spurring the “bring your own” age. The practice includes reusable totes and baskets making a comeback from decades ago, an eas...

March 14, 2018

In celebration of Earth Day 2018, all StrawSleeves orders from the Etsy Shop will include a free non-plastic straw during the month of April. The current trend to replace all plastic straws is spiraling in the news, and many sippers are left wondering if they will ever use straws in the future. Single use, non-plastic straws are one answer, the waste they produce is biodegradable. There are many reusable straws on the market including glass, metal, bamboo, and silicone, made to last much longer. Reusable straws are a best...

March 1, 2018

This reblog is printed with permission by the author, from the original blog post at GreenForesters.com

The everlasting, white snow is melting away and the brown grass is beginning to turn green! At least for me in Wisconsin, we are beginning to see days above freezing and I cannot wait to start doing some more outdoor activities!

With spring comes a time to refresh, a time to make positive changes in your life for the warmer months. With this, I want you to join me in a challenge. This challenge is called March Against Stra...

February 18, 2018

Hold The Straw

The commitment to refuse plastic straws in your daily routine has taken a new turn as you dine out at your favorite restaurant and request, “No straw, thank you” to the server.  You even bring your own glass straw to use. Your server brings your iced tea and you notice the plastic straw protruding from the crushed ice! Many are discussing this common occurrence as they share with each other the ways of learning to eradicate single-use plastic habits from their daily choices.

Grasping At Straws

Why are we focusi...

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