• Cheri Newcomb

The Best Straw

What favorite reusable straws have you found?

There is a new Facebook Groups page where you may ask to join and participate in the conversation and posting of photos. Participants are encouraged to interact with stores and reusable straw manufacturers to share ideas of how to make plastic straws extinct.

Many restaurants are leading the way towards curbing the constant barrage of plastic straws that are put before us day after day. But, not many of them provide a solution to the dedicated straw user.

We all make straw choices every single day, at home, at school, at work, while on vacation. What are your tips? We hope this page will be a format where we can encourage each other to rethink, reconsider, and reuse. And it's not just the straw!

One answer to the growing plastics problem is to "bring your own straw". We want to hear all of your ideas about how these habits can be changed for the ultimate Planet Win! Please stay tuned as reusable straw giveaways are encouraged to take place on this Facebook page and information is shared to let you know which pages to visit for contests and prizes!

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