• Cheri Newcomb

A Better New Year

The New Year is showing promise of more people embracing sustainable actions. 2018 will be even better! The growing sales at the StrawSleeves online store is proof. Our customers are searching for sustainable items and ways to bring their own reusable straws and utensils with them when they go out. 2017 showed a surge in these online searches. Turn the calendar page to 2018 and we are seeing the momentum building. For it is you, the person that is reading this right now, that is literally saving our planet!

Noticeably, there are certain similar qualities that StrawSleeves customers have. It has been an absolute pleasure to serve this community through our Etsy Storefront. As communications persist, some as questions, comments, testimonials, and some as special requests, little bits of personal habits are shared in the conversations from time to time, and I walk away from my office feeling inspired by you!

The StrawSleeves customer profile includes qualities such as:

Honesty- working out solutions is easy, StrawSleeves customers always hold up their end of the agreement. If a package is missing or a mistake in ordering needs to be corrected, we work together to remedy the situation, and if a duplicate order is the result, it will be returned to us. I do not hesitate to trust that!

Picking up after others- I cannot count how many of you are willing to pick up litter that others leave behind. This is a daily habit for many of you as you participate in an organized beach cleanup or simply pick up that straw out of the storm-drain grate as you are walking down the street. Thank you!

Consideration – You consider where an item will go before you dispose of it. Your same tendency for consideration applies to other areas of living and it is a joy to know you.

Consumer demand that the item you invest in will last. The many conversations and questions about functionality and endurance of a purchase is something we all should do, for everything we buy! Keep your expectations high - it matters!

Kindness in communications. I have yet to encounter a StrawSleeves customer that did not display kindness throughout conversation, a quality that would go far in today’s world. If only everyone would carry these same values!

Not afraid to request plastic free packaging shipping. As more stores and manufacturers meet with these demands, rest assured, changes are happening in the world of excess packaging! Planet win!

Cheers to 2018 and the positive energy that is growing through the movement to strive to be better, do better, and act on a basis of gratitude. Thank YOU for leading the way by your choices and example, you make the world a better place!

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