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The Next Step in Sustainable Living

Linden, CA – February 15th, 2018 - 500 MILLION single use, plastic straws are used and discarded in the USA every day! Reusable straws provide a solution to this environmental problem as straw users learn the importance to refuse plastic and opt for sustainable straw choices. StrawSleeves provides a practical way to carry reusable straws while traveling, shopping, or eating out.

Pack and Carry - Packing your reusable water bottles, coffee cups, and utensils promotes the practice of "reuse" over accepting single use plastics in our daily routine. Straw users can choose from the many types of reusable straws on the market and now have a way to take along their personal straw easily in the cloth sleeves. StrawSleeves are designed to keep the straw clean and protected from contact with other items in their tote-bag, glove-box, pocketbook, backpack, or picnic basket.

Change By Choice – While lawmakers are drawing up bills and bans to eliminate plastic straws from our environment, StrawSleeves customers lead the way with their daily, personal choices. They opt for plastic free options even when they travel and are searching for plastic free ways to carry their reusable items. Others are looking on as they produce their own straw and use it, while refusing offers of plastic straws.

It’s Not Just The Straw – Plastic utensils once thought of as “disposable” are another example of single use plastic plaguing our land and oceans. Plastic bottles, bags, and cups are all examples of items that can easily be replaced with reusable options. StrawSleeves offers the Multi-Utensil Pack in addition to single straw sleeves for straws and cutlery, and a lined shopping bag that will not wear out due to frequent washings or hauling heavy contents. Fabrics used for these products are 100% cotton and/or reclaimed materials.

StrawSleeves Bearing Store Brands - StrawSleeves sells business-to-business with several straw manufacturers and eco stores branding the sleeves with their own business logo. Wholesale and distributor pricing is available upon request. Selecting the highest standing businesses that promote plastic free solutions is the object of the StrawSleeves Company in the effort to promote solutions to the environmental issues of plastic waste.

Free Straws For Earth Day – StrawSleeves will include a free, plastic alternative straw, with every order throughout the month of April 2018 in celebration of Earth Day! Orders from the StrawSleeves Etsy Store under $10.00 will receive a Reed Straw, made from organically grown reeds, orders $10.00 - $30.00 will receive a Bamboo Straw from Orders over $30.00 will receive a Stainless Steel Straw, and for orders $100.00 and over, a free Straw Sleeve + Stainless Steel Straw will be added to your order.

Social Media Love - To learn more about StrawSleeves and see photos and videos, please go to the StrawSleeves Instagram and Facebook pages where you will find @StrawSleeves and the StrawSleeves community engaging in discussions and ideas that encourage us all to take that next step toward a sustainable lifestyle.

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