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Organic Cotton Fabrics at StrawSleeves

photo by Tracy Wentzel

New at StrawSleeves – Organic Cotton!

The momentum to live plastic free and travel with re-usable items is on the increase, and we could not be more excited! Finding non-plastic replacements and avoiding single-use straws and utensils has not been an easy quest for those who wish to lessen their footprint on our planet. The good news? It is getting easier!

StrawSleeves' Re-sellers are offering the purest, most earth-friendly goods for every day lifestyles. The demand is increasing and the popularity of sustainable living is trending into 2019. The zero waste store managers in the StrawSleeves community are requesting that the products we supply be made from the most sustainable materials, and we are listening.

The new Organic Cotton Fabrics are now in stock with many new items listed to make carrying reusable straws and utensils fashionable and fun. Additionally, we take into account the durability, wash-ability, longevity, and the "coolness factor" of the product with each of our designs. We Believe the lightening of our impact on our habitat, and how our choices can cycle with nature are practices that will reward us for many generations. You can find out more about organic cotton fabrics and learn why hemp fabrics have consistently been our best seller over time.

We want to thank our customers for purchasing, and in the case of our re-sellers, providing goods that ensure a healthy Planet. You are our inspiration!

* Link to StrawSleeves Product Catalog 2019 *

New 100% Certified Organic Cotton

and Hemp & Organic Cotton Blends

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