• Cheri Newcomb

The Choice To Reuse

Choosing reusables over single use plastic is a practice that is thankfully more visible in our society in recent months and years. Almost everyone owns a favorite reusable bottle now and as reusable coffee cups, straws, and utensils are gaining in popularity, so are the cases, bags, and pouches as a means to pack and carry them.

It is important to choose wisely, just because an item is “reusable” does not mean it was built to last very long. That’s right, you coveted reusable item may end up in the landfill or our waterways along with the plastic that you found available.

Some questions to ask yourself before purchasing: ~ How long will I want to use this? ~ Will it withstand repeated use and cleaning? ~ How long will it last? ~ Where will it go when I am done with it? ~ Will the material it is made from harm the environment in any way?

We are super excited about the growing StrawSleeves Community that are inspiring others with their choices and practices. Those of us affiliated with StrawSleeves learn from our customers every day as we answer emails and read reviews and comments.

There are a few new items in our Etsy Shop and we would love for you to take a look around to see if anything might be useful to you as you expand ways of making plastic free choices in your daily routine.

This Spork Set, created with the “Minimalist” in mind is a much smaller way to pack eating utensils than our “Multi-Utensil Pack”. You see, a true Minimalist will probably opt out of straws altogether, deeming this as an unnecessary item. Eating out, however, might cause a need for a good reusable utensil that is not too bulky!

StrawSleeves finally has a true, Bamboo, Bubble Tea Straw that is wide enough for the Tapioca Balls to slide through in a sturdy design. This straw requires 2-inch wide sleeves, so we made a sleeve to go into this set in red or black denim. (Requests for other fabrics are a consideration.)

Watch for some new Lifetime Reusable Cloth Bags to be listed in the months to come. What makes them "Lifetime"? The sturdy construction, lining and reinforced stitching will keep these bags form tearing no matter how heavy you load them or how many times you wash them. StrawSleeves will repair or replace if there is any problem with wear. They virtually last your lifetime AND you might have to put them in your Will!

Make sure you sign up for deeper discounts from the newsletter on the StrawSleeves website - (The "shop" page directs you to the StrawSleeves Etsy Shop.)

Thank you to our readers for demonstrating how it looks to live a little lighter on this Planet – together, we are making a difference!

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