• Cheri Newcomb

Reusable Bags that Last

California, the first state to ban plastic bags has pioneered some of the success, and the pitfalls, that are prevalent throughout the transition of how to carry your groceries once you have purchased them from the grocery store. Single use has posed an escalating problem of plastic waste accumulation, so a good reusable bag is a popular choice.

StrawSleeves applies the philosophy behind all of our products to grocery bags. Nothing can be less appealing to a dedicated consumer that chooses reusables over single use product choices, than to have a reusable grocery bag fall apart, rip, or tear. This defeats the purpose, correct? Adding to this experience is the question on everyone's mind, how do you keep this practice of reusables clean and germ free?

The Lifetime Reusable Bag is here and listed on our Etsy Shop. These bags are made to withstand the heaviest of grocery hauling, frequent machine laundering (yes, use warm water on our cotton and hemp materials) and you might find, they last so long you will want to pass them down to your family's next generation!

Guarantee: StrawSleeves will repair or replace if one of our Lifetime Bags rips, tears, or wears out in any way due to normal usage.

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