• Cheri Newcomb

Earth Day 2020 & Rolling With the Times

Updated: Apr 27

Small business often demands creativity and flexibility as companies work to push out products, scrutinize product demand, and honor product requests. This new decade was no different in that aspect… well, at first. Then, during the beginning of eco businesses preparing for the Earth Day rush, we quickly entered an era of a world pandemic that changed everything we were doing!

To our Customers, Store managers, and Reusable Straw Manufacturers, our heart is with you as we all try to figure out what the “stay at home” orders might mean for the future of our businesses. To the populous so dedicated to pioneering the eco habits of choosing reusables over single use, we understand that your focus has shifted, at least temporarily and we wish you good health and peace as you navigate a lifestyle so unfamiliar to us all. Your safety is the most important thing of all at this time.

Our StrawSleeves focus and message is shifting as well. We advocate trying to find little positives during these challenging days as we try to keep each other, and ourselves happy and safe from the novel coronavirus. Somewhere there will be another side to the immediate challenges we are facing now. We encourage you to look ahead to the days where we take the lessons of now, and bring light to all of our tomorrows.

Outreach through the StrawSleeves social channels presented the need of reusable cloth facemasks for PPE for technicians at the UC Davis Research Lab, currently working on Covid-19 research. Since business had slowed at StrawSleeves, and a full inventory of the right materials are in stock, it seems the perfect “calling” to produce for the immediate needs of the times. Here is where business flexibility serves us well, we were able to get some of the masks made up to post on the StrawSleeves Etsy Shop as well as continuing donations to the Lab. If you are interested in the donation project, please contact us directly at for details.

Cloth facemasks are now considered an extra layer of safety as we learn how to move about more freely and safely as we ease out of complete isolation. The demand for cloth facemasks came forth rather suddenly. What is the best “eco” thing to do? The best way to avoid excess, is to fashion your face covering from items you already may have at home. There are a lot of tutorial on You Tube that show how to do this. Second, you want to figure out what type of mask would work best for you so you will actually use it. To anyone resisting the practice of wearing a facemask, I have to ask, “Would you do it for one season if you knew it saved even one life?” Wearing face coverings until this virus is no longer prevalent will save countless lives… if we all do it!

The good news? The recommend face coverings to curb Covid-19 exposure are cloth. They are reusable, washable, and available in many sustainable fabric options! So, yes, we at StrawSleeves use materials and labor sourced to create a solution that (similar to our other products that we wholesale and retail) are Earth Friendly choices!

Please stay safe, be well, take care of yourselves and each other – we WILL get through this!

StrawSleeves wants to wish everyone a virtual Happy Earth Day2020!

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