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Linden, CA - March 6th, 2019 – Every day, billions of single use, plastic straws are used and discarded in world-wide locations, making their way into landfills, water ways, and our oceans. Reusable straws provide a solution to this environmental problem as straw users learn the importance to refuse plastic and opt for sustainable straw choices. StrawSleeves provides a practical way to carry reusable straws while traveling, shopping, or eating out.


Bring Your Own Straw - Packing your reusable water bottles, coffee cups, and utensils promotes the practice of "reuse" over accepting single use plastics in our daily routine. Straw users can choose from the many types of reusable straws on the market and now have a way to easily pack and carry their personal straw in cloth sleeves made by StrawSleeves. The sleeves are designed to keep the straw clean and protected from contact with other items in their tote-bag, glove-box, pocketbook, backpack, or picnic basket.


Sustainable Fabrics – Materials used to make the straw sleeves are chosen for performance, sustainability, weight, and appearance. Hemp, Reclaimed Denim, 100% Cotton, and certified Organic Cotton are all durable and non-plastic fabrics specific to the StrawSleeves designs. All straw sleeves are self-lined, triple stitched and have an "invisible inner cuff" that prevents the straw from sliding out of the pocket, requiring no ties or fasteners, a convenient choice to transport and easily access your straw. The fabrics and sleeves, designed to withstand frequent laundering by hand or machine, are ideal for many types of reusable straws including stainless steel, titanium, copper, bamboo, sterling silver, and glass.


Utensil Packs and Straw Packs – Four pocket cases in two sizes, offered as an addition to the StrawSleeves line, hold a number of straws, chopsticks, utensils, and cleaning brushes in order to pack and carry a supply of reusable products. The Multi-Utensil Pack is wider to accommodate reusable cutlery and the Straw Pack design is a bit narrower.


Sleeves Bearing Store Brands - StrawSleeves sells business-to-business with several straw manufacturers, zero waste stores, gift shops, and juiceries self-branding the sleeves with their own business logo. Wholesale and Distributor pricing is based on the quantity of each order.  Selecting the highest standing businesses that promote plastic free solutions is the object of the StrawSleeves Company in the effort to promote solutions to the environmental issues of plastic  pollution.


Social Media Love - To learn more about StrawSleeves and see photos and videos, please go to the StrawSleeves Instagram and Facebook pages where you will find @StrawSleeves and the StrawSleeves community engaging in discussions and ideas that encourage us all to take that next step toward a sustainable lifestyle.


Plastic Free Donations - StrawSleeves considers requests to donate products for worthy plastic free causes. Please email inquiries to for consideration.




StrawSleeves on Etsy - Individual retail StrawSleeves sales are active on Etsy.


B2B Sales inquiries and Sample requests:  Please contact Cheri Newcomb directly.


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