Straw Pledge

Pledge to refuse single-use plastic straws!
Many organizations and companies provide ways for us to make pledges to change our ways and protect our environment.  After all, we live here on this planet, together!  We are all"roommates" on this Earth and we can work together to follow a few simple rules to make this a great place to love and enjoy.
Planet or Plastic? National Geographic Pledge
"Give A Sip" NYC And Partner to Curb Plastic Straws
Pledge against plastic straws through your local aquarium
Strawless Santa Fe aims to have their area #stopsucking
Join the StrawlessChallenge - organized in Chico, California
Surfrider, San Diego Chapter, wants you to pledge against plastic straws - why? Because, "Plastic Straws Suck"!
March Against Straws! A campaign started by Madi Giordano of on social media in March of 2018 encourages you to refuse plastic straws and invite your buddies to join you! #marchagainststraws
The Plastic Pollution Coalition and The Last Plastic Straw urges us to pledge against choosing plastic straws by simply saying,
"No straw, please".
Adrian Grenier and Lonely Whale want you to "Stop Sucking"!
You can aid the #stopsucking movement by sharing the #strawlessocean campaign on your social media and pledging to stop using plastic straws.
Shedd Aquarium in Chicago urges you to "Shedd the Straw"!
One More Generation is dedicated to the OneLessStraw Campaign - check out their website for more inspiration and see how they team up with Jack Johnson for the "All At Once" tours..
5Gyres urges you to make the #plasticfree pledge - so what is the big deal about straws?
North Florida Coastal Caretakers have suggestions on how to make the Straw Pledge.
Jr Ocean Guardians challenges you to refuse plastic straws the whole month of November and to keep a tally of how many straws you eliminated from potentially ending up in the ocean. 
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