Wholesale for Resellers

StrawSleeves honors wholesale orders for resellers!

Yes, we have a plan for stores and straw manufacturers to offer StrawSleeves to their customers.

Please email Cheri at strawsleeves@gmail.com for price lists and promotions.

Multi-Utensil Packs - These cloth carriers with four sections are now available as an additional StrawSleeves line. These packs hold a number of straws, chopsticks, utensils, and cleaning brushes as well as other items such as art supplies or makeup brushes. Fabrics used are 100% cotton. Or reclaimed materials.


Sleeves Bearing Store Brands - Current StrawSleeves sales are mostly business-to-business with several straw manufacturers and eco stores branding the sleeves with their own business logo.  Wholesale and Distributor pricing is based on the quantity of each order. Selecting the highest standing businesses that promote plastic free solutions is the object of the StrawSleeves Company in the effort to promote solutions to the environmental issues of plastic waste.





Social Media Love - To learn more about StrawSleeves and see photos and videos, please go to the StrawSleeves Instagram page where you will find @StrawSleeves and the StrawSleeves community engaging in discussions and ideas that encourage us all to take that next step toward a sustainable lifestyle.


Plastic Free Donations - StrawSleeves considers requests to donate sleeves for worthy plastic free causes. Please email inquiries to strawsleeves@gmail.com for consideration.

IMG_7774.jpg Reusable Straws & StrawSleeves package free store display!

Cheri Newcomb, owner/operator of StrawSleeves has worked in the reusable 

straw industry since 2007.

During this time, Cheri (Cheryl) has worked with numerous environmental publishers, editors, bloggers and activists, as well as reusable straw manufacturers.

Her experiences are with marketing, product photography, and social media, along with designing eco-solutions with textiles, and product development.

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